Building A New Legacy: Opening Launch

In response to the current restrictions on in-person group singing, the Vocal Constructivists are launching several new initiatives: a music education scheme, collaborative ‘bleeding chunks’ of Tom Phillips’ Irma, and a remote performance of Mark Applebaum’s Metaphysics of Notation that will grow incrementally and change infinitely. On 7 August, 2020, the Opening Launch of our Building A New Legacy project featured panels with participants in 3 countries, making, creating, sharing, planning, and doing.

The Construction Site (8:00 PT/11:00 ET/16:00 BST/IST)

This launched a seven-month partnership between the Vocal Constructivists and Cross Border Youth Choir (Ireland and Northern Ireland), introducing young singers to the principles of experimental vocalization.

Reconstructing Irma (10:00 PT/13:00 ET/18:00 BST/IST)

The first screening of Golden Irma, a newly created film that reinterprets the Vocal Constructivists’ 2019 performance of Irma, was followed by a discussion panel and Q&A with the performers.

Constructing Infinity (12:00 PT/15:00 ET/20:00 BST/IST)

This session launched an innovative project to create an ever-changing interpretation of Applebaum’s Metaphysics of Notation using only vocal sounds and body percussion. A round-table discussion explored its artistic goals, computational challenges, and details on participation.

From Mark Applebaum’s Metaphysics of Notation.

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