Kasia Glowicka

Kasia Glowicka was born in Olesnica in 1979. Her artistic output embraces musical media of every kind, as she collaborates with stage directors, choreographers, visual artists, musicians and conductors on original works for opera, dance and symphonic orchestra. She graduated from the Wroclaw Academy of Music in Poland before pursuing advanced studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague, at the Strasbourg Conservatory, and at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Northern Ireland. She composed La notte, setting a text by Michelangelo, as an epilogue to Franz Liszt’s Via Crucis. The harmonic language evokes that of Liszt, as well as his model, J.S. Bach.

The Vocal Constructivists performed La notte in the Stoke Newington Contemporary Music Festival in 2015.