Three Sound Sculptures

15 December 2019 | 8:30pm | Swiss Church

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In this newly commissioned work, composer Wojtek Blecharz and art curator Kasia Sobucka work with the Vocal Constructivists to transform sculptures by the constructivist artist Katarzyna Kobro (1898–1951) into musical compositions. Drawing on ideas from the Polish interwar avant-garde, they offer 21st-century audiences a way to experience directly the early 20th-century utopian belief in the ability of art to organize life and its functions. Expanding Unism’s four arts (painting, sculpture, architecture, and typography) to include sound and movement broadens visual art’s ability to achieve unity. Blecharz’s Sound Sculptures translate the colours and proportions of Kobro’s Spatial Compositions 4, 5, and 6 into musical structures and actions. Kobro understood sculpture in relation to human movement, time-space rhythm, and mathematical symbolism, particularly the 8:5 ratio. She and her constructivist contemporaries placed great emphasis on geometrical forms, and on ‘modern’ technologies, to access ideal harmonies and to create socially-orientated abstract art.

The Swiss Church performance projects these ideas both literally and metaphorically. Using cutting-edge technology, 3D-scanned images of the sculptures will inform and direct the sounding events. Sculpture is particularly well suited to a multi-sensory spatialized interpretation. The Vocal Constructivists articulate not only the external borders of Kobro’s sculptures but also the inside, made accessible to the audience via the projections. The interior connects with the exterior in an open articulation that begins with the sculpture, moves out into the space, and finds resonance in the venue.

Where: Swiss Church
79 Endell St
London WC2H 9DY
When:Sunday 15 December 2019, 20:30 – 21:30
Price:Full Price: £15.00
Concessions: £10.00
Tickets available in advance here



Irma |17 June 2019 | 7:30pm | Lumen Church



just a chance

the chance opera”

A skeptical heroine, a lovelorn philosopher, a wandering misfit.

The surviving heroes of a forgotten novel,

on a quest for one another and themselves.

The Vocal Constructivists present a new incarnation of Tom Phillips’ 1969 opera, Irma.

88 Tavistock Pl, Kings Cross, London.

Tickets at

Limited availability at the door.

‘Deep Listening: a gesture for sonic peace’

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Pauline Oliveros, a composer and musical visionary who has been close to the Vocal Constructivists’ development and influenced our thinking and musical life in so many ways. Pauline’s compositions and her wisdom have inspired us to work more closely as an ensemble and her personal input has been invaluable. We were honored to work with her as recently as June 2016. In Pauline’s own words:

‘Dying will happen to all of us at some point. Impermanence still rules. However we should think about this question: what is your relationship to peace? Do you want to live in peace or do you want to live in violence? Which would you choose? One of the things we want to do according to my partner and co–Deep Listening teacher Ione is “make peace more exciting than violence.” That is the process we are attempting’.

(American Music, 2007)

We shall be performing some of Pauline’s works in the near future, and hope you will join us to remember her and her extraordinary vision – one which we could all benefit from in these uncertain times.

The Vocal Constructivists.